Easily earn extra cash by finding items for Finettchi & get a guaranteed payout.

How it works

Step 1.

Get notified of what we're after including the price & condition we'll accept.

Step 2.

Find the item within 7 days & make sure it reaches us within the following 7 days after finding it.

Step 3.

Get paid into the bank account of your choice with no fees, what we offer for the item is what you'll receive.
How will I be notified?
We'll send out an email to you as soon as we receive a request for an item.
How long do I have to find it?
The item must be found within 7 days of your notification being received, you'll then have 7 days for it to reach us.
How will I know what to find?
In your notification you'll receive the following information: Item, price we'll payout, condition, size and any other relevant information.
Will I be employed by Finettchi?
You will not be employed or associated with Finettchi in any way.
What do I do once I find it?
Once you find the item and have secured it, click here to fill in the Secured it Form. Only do this once you are 100% sure you've secured it, as we will then send out a notification to all Finettchi Finders that the item has been found.
What happens after I secure it?
Once you have the item and have shipped it, click here to fill in the Shipped it Form.
What is my Finettchi Finder ID?
Your Finettchi Finder ID is the email address associated with your Finettchi account.
How will I know if an item has already been found?
If an item has been found by someone else, after they've filled in the Secured it form you'll receive an email notifiying you that item has been found.
What if I say I have secured it and I don't ship it?
If you've told us that you've secured an item and the item doesn't reach us within 5 days, you will get a red marker on your name. If you continue to do this you will be blocked from this service.
When do I get paid?
Payouts are made 1 working day after your item has been received. For example if we receive your item on a Thursday, you'll receive yourr payout Friday. If we receive your item Friday, you will receive your payout Monday.
Can I choose store credit?
You can choose store credit or cash.
Where do I find my shipping reference?
The reference you'll use to ship your item can be found in the email where you received your notification. If you're having trouble locating this, you can contact our buying team to help locate it.
How are payouts made?
Payouts are made by bank transfer. There are never any hidden fees, and assuming your item is as described, there will be no deductions to your payout.
Are payouts always instant?
Payouts are instant in most cases, however if you live outside the UK this may take up to 5 working days, or if our bank require additional information it can take 1-2 working days.
Who pays for shipping?
If you choose to sell your item for store credit, we cover the shipping costs. If you choose to be paid-out in cash, the shipping costs will be at your own expense.
What if the condition isn't as I described?
We may give you a counter-offer or we may have to return your item. The return shipping will be at your own expense.
What if the item is dirty?
if your item is not clean, you might receive a counter-offer from us. It also might slightly delay your payout as we may have to remove dirt to make sure the item is not stained or marked.
What if the item is fake?
We have a zero tolerance policy to counterfeit items. We will get in touch to return the item. A shipping fee will need to be paid prior to returning the item.
What is suitable packaging?
Suitable packaging means using something that's going to protect your item during transit. If the item you're selling has a box, we strongly recommend shipping this in an outer box to prevent any damages to the items box, as this may incur a counter-offer.
What is the shipping address?
Finettchi, Blue Square Offices
272 Bath Street, Glasgow
United Kingdom
G2 4JR

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