Authentication Experts

Let the experts through..

Authentication is key

At Finettchi authenticity is one of our biggest, if not our biggest focus. Whenever you shop with Finettchi, you're buying directly from us. All items listed for sale have been sourced, authenticated and purchased in confidence by Finettchi to list for sale.

Before Finettchi purchases any items to list on our website or in-store for sale, we have the item delivered to our in-house authentication team to check over before we make the purchase, then- and only then, we'll list it for sale.

10 years experience

Finettchi has built up a vast bank of knowledge over the years, with a very strong hold on various different authentication techniques and methods.

You may have already noticed that we work with only a small handful of brands, which allows us to focus greatly on the craftsmanship and details, giving us a great deal of knowledge on these brands.

Guaranteed authenticity

We've got you covered! If you've read the previous paragraphs about why we think authenticity is key, you'll quickly come to realise that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to authenticity, and we take it very seriously.

In the very-highly unlikely event that an item is deemed counterfeit, Finettchi will fully refund the price of the item, shipping costs & reimburse any costs related to the purchase & return of the item.