Think pre-loved, think substainable, think luxury.

What is Finettchi?

Finettchi is a pre-loved, luxury store. Sustainable, trendy and revoloutionary are just a few words to describe how we see ourselves in the world of fashion.

Today at Finettchi, you’ll find all of your favourite luxury fashion brands (with a focus on men’s streetwear and sneakers), including Yeezy, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. We aim to source bestselling pieces and hard-to-find items - think limited edition launches and must-have collabs.

Our luxury experts hunt and gather pre-loved, luxury pieces daily. These items then go on to be authenticated. After the authentication process is complete, the items are purchased from sellers, then professionally reconditioned and made available to purchase through the site and in-store with new arrivals every Friday.

Where it began

Finettchi was born in 2018, when our founder, Dylan, realised there was a growing market for second-hand designer clothes, trainers and accessories. Fact: our very first sale was Dylan’s own Louboutin sneakers!

After 16 months of working from a home cupboard in Glasgow, we opened our first shop in the city’s West End. Together with our online store, the business has gone from strength to strength and we now have customers all over the UK (and overseas).
Does Finettchi Consign?
We never consign. We authenticate, buy, recondition then sell preowned items at competitive prices – it’s as simple as that.
Is Finettchi legit?
Every product sold by Finettchi is 100% authentic and only sold if in excellent condition. (Promise!)
Are all items pre-loved?
Most items we sell are preloved, but occasionally you’ll find something brand new, e.g. unworn purchases or unwanted gifts.

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