Top 10 coolest items from Supreme


A Supreme Introduction:

The iconic fashion force 'Supreme' is known for its distinctive, vibrant and cool stuff. In this article, we'll be showing you 'Ten cool stuff from Supreme'. But first, a short introduction to honour this magnificent brand.

Supreme started its ‘destined to greatness' journey as a skate store that specialised in skateboards and streetwear. And their niche decided that one day they would be successful. Today Supreme stands as a billion-dollar company that has embellished its name with the world's leading luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Furthermore, the brand continues to roar success and iconise its symbol, its name and its products, which is why we'll be showing you Finettchi's top ten picks for Supreme's captivating items.



1. The Supreme Cash Cannon:

Love and Obsession with money is something we can't obtain, and sometimes we have to make it rain. Here's a look at a hot product that took the fashion industry and accessory lovers by storm: The Supreme Cash Cannon. And made its first appearance in November 2017, gaining a lot of popularity.

This captivating cash cannon embodies vividness and the ability to aesthetically, please. Furthermore, this Supreme X Cash Cannon money gun comes in an eye-catching robust red with Supreme's iconic logo encompassed proudly along the body. What makes the Cash Cannon even more intriguing is the branded cash Supreme sends with it. So, wherever you are and whenever you wish, you can make it rain. In conclusion, is the cash cannon captivating? Yes, it very much is. 


2. Supreme: Faux Fur Backpack:

This luxurious faux fur bag defines both class and uniqueness whilst portraying an astonishing embodiment. However, the real speciality of this bag is the capacity it holds and surprisingly can hold up to a hefty 25L. The Faux Fur bag is the perfect addition to a winter style and is brilliant for a weekend away. But also suitable for carrying a large number of books. Furthermore, this exemplary soft and quality faux fur bag is available in Finettchi's store and can be yours today. It certainly is worth the price.


 3. Supreme Lawn Chair:

Sitting on the lawn in a chair on a warm summer’s day is perhaps the best way to relax. And if you're going to relax, you might as well do it in style. This Supreme Lawn chair was released on May 14th 2020 and is brilliant in terms of vibrancy and quality. This Lawn chair also consists of branded UV-resistant woven webbing, preventing decolorisation and heating up. Furthermore, this red lawn chair has red woven webbing that has Supreme's iconised logo all over it and for easy portability, there is a foldable aluminium frame. Also available in Finettchi's store.


4. Supreme X Smeg Mini Fridge:

As HIGHNOBIETY labels it "easy-munch access". The retro-styled vibrant, and hot collaboration between Smeg and Supreme has landed. The unique and engaging mini-fridge made its first appearance on March 13th 2021 and now aims to take its noble place at everyone's bedside. Furthermore, like many other iconic, ridiculous and captivating products, the mini-fridge is stunning as it appears in bright red, covered in Supreme's branding. The mini-fridge itself consists of adjustable glass shelves, interior LED lights, and a thermostat.

In conclusion, this latest product would be the perfect addition to your WFH set-up or gaming setup.


5. Supreme Playing Cards:

 King, Queen, Spade and Club all emboss their roles onto Supreme's branded playing cards, the best solution to boredom. Furthermore, this pack of playing cards is an essential accessory and will last a lifetime as they are water-proof and durable. These Bicycle Clear Playing Cards were released on August 20th 2020, as a part of Supreme's FW20 Week 1 Release.


6. Supreme Mophie PowerStation:

It's portable, reliable and compact. It's the Supreme Mophie PowerStation wireless. The simplistic yet aesthetically desirable PowerStation, which was launched ahead of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and its stats do not fail.

  • 10,000 mAh battery pack.
  • USB port (Outputs 10W).
  • Battery gage.
  • Provides 48 hours of charge to smartphones and for small tablets 24 hours, but large tablet 17 hours.


7. Supreme Mortal Kombat Arcade:

A fusion between gaming and hypebeast is bound for success and popularity. The all-new Mortal Kombat X Supreme cabinet released ahead of the FW20. The classic retro-styled arcade cabinet features a seventeen-inch LCD screen, two-player button and joystick configuration. Furthermore, a supreme branded illuminating headboard enlightens the arcade cabinet. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy exclusive games such as the likes of:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • Mortal Kombat 2
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3


8. Supreme Cini&Nils Cuboluce Table Lamp Red:

The techno polymer table lamp in bright red made its first official appearance on May 6th 2021. The printed Supreme table lamp is the perfect compact accessory for any hypebeast. What makes this table lamp striking is its exclusiveness. Exclusively made only for Supreme.


9. Supreme Stern Pinball Machine:

An ambitious, large and expensive Supreme accessory; this is the Supreme Stern Pinball machine. The Pinball machine features Supreme's classic colours, red and white and has a vivid portrayal catching the eyes of many hypebeasts and man-cave lovers. The Stern Pinball machine released on May 24th 2018, ahead of the SS18. Perfect for a man cave, arcade or WFH set-up.


10. Supreme Chucky Doll:

A perfect horror fan addition, the Supreme Chucky Doll takes its place on the display shelf and doesn't fail to impress. The Spooky accessory released ahead of Supreme's FW20 week 17. What makes this frightening accessory cool is its ability to talk and represent the trait of a hypebeast. The Chucky doll comes clothed and is encompassed in Supreme's iconic logo and also comes with a plastic knife.

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We'll be covering some of the hottest topics in fashion right here. So, put your feet up, grab a beverage & dive in.
We respect your privacy, and never share your personal details.