Fear of God: Insight into the brand & Essentials


Founded by Jerry Lorenzo. A man whose morals and- past experiences lead to the creation of this iconic brand. Lorenzo himself stated that his childhood revolved around Christ, which meant that he and his family were very religious. After everything had happened, past job experiences and, many other events in his life, Lorenzo Moved to L. A to get back on his feet, where he started working as a party organiser in which later life, he states that he wished to do something honourable. The term 'honourable was the fuel to create "Fear of God" and hence, founded in 2013.

Jerry Lorenzo states that 'Essentials' is a sub-brand of the premium FOG and, its sole purpose is to provide simplicity and more reasonable pricing. Lorenzo has confidently proved his point, as Essentials are much more affordable but, that doesn't stop its sense of classiness and fashion. The Essentials Hoodie has taken over the scene and seems to be one of every fashion lovers purchase.


Essentials Knitwear Hoodie

Cream FOG essentials knitted hoodie

This Essentials Pullover Hoodie brings vibrancy to one's sense of fashion. Using elements of cosy cotton blended, yarn this pullover sets the bar high in terms of comfort. With a large amount of popularity, this knitted pullover hoodie can be rocked with almost everything, and now you can be the centre of attention as the bold 'Essentials' print embeds itself with confidence. Purchase this Essentials Hoodie in both Cream and Olive and style it classily with the following:

  • Bomber Jacket
  • Bottoms
  • Jeans
  • Parka Jacket
  • Cargo Trousers
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Denim/Leather Jacket

      Black FOG Essentials fleece-cotton pull-over hoodie

      This versatile and comfortable hoodie is enough to be considered an 'Essential'. This cotton-blend fleece hoodie is perfect for both loungewear and outdoor wear. It's materials; help against the cold and keep its wearers warm at all times. At the hood of this classy hoodie lies a grey rubberised logo tag, followed by another grey logo print at the cuff. The hoodie's bold colour and simplistic portrayal make it even better when it comes to styling it. You can now shop this Black Essentials Hoodie right at Finettchi.


      Is Fear of God Essentials Unisex?

      Jerry Lorenzo's Essentials are unisex. The unisex Essentials collection is commonly bought by both men/women. Moreover, the popularity of unisex clothing has increased and has also seen an increase in women wearing baggy clothes. 


      Is Fear of God Essentials hoodies oversized?

      With boxy silhouette attributes, Fear of God hoodies are oversized and are-designed to be oversized too. Moreover, the hoodie being oversized isn't an issue; oversized clothing can also mean buying one size smaller. Purchasing a size smaller won't be a problem and, you'll fit perfectly into your essential’s hoodie. Moreover, oversized clothing are not only the latest trend but are worn due to their casualness, comfiness and due its ability to style with anything.


      We are Finettchi:

      Finettchi is a unique and professional retailer specialising in selling luxurious goods ranging from sneakers, clothing, accessories and countless more. Furthermore, we specialise in buying, authenticating and, reselling pre-loved items which are not only crisp but in immaculate condition.

      This fashion blog will portray FOG's Essential Hoodie, a hot piece in the industry also; known for its unmatchable uniqueness and style. Let's dive into what the hype of this hoodie is all about. But first, here's what you need to know about Jerry Lorenzo and his symbolic brand.


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      We'll be covering some of the hottest topics in fashion right here. So, put your feet up, grab a beverage & dive in.
      We respect your privacy, and never share your personal details.